Sunny Love Lunch Bag

Sunny Love Lunch Bag


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Prepare your young scholar for a nourishing journey through the school day with our specially designed Back-to-School Keiki Lunch Bag.

Our lunch bag is here to keep your keiki’s favorite meals at their prime. Equipped with advanced insulation technology, it ensures that sandwiches stay savory, fruits remain crisp, and drinks stay refreshingly cool until lunchtime.

Our lunch bag's user-friendly features make it the perfect companion for little hands. Its secure zipper closure guarantees hassle-free access to meals, while the carrying handle allows your child to carry their lunch or strap it to their backpack.

Designed to effortlessly fit into our keiki backpacks or be carried on its own, our lunch bag complements the dynamic lifestyle of every back-to-school adventurer. Its lightweight construction ensures it won't add unnecessary weight to your child's load.

  • Size: 10.25Wx7”Dx3.4”H