Kahala Blend Coffee
Kahala Blend Coffee

Kahala Blend Coffee

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The Kahala district of O'ahu is known for combining opulence and luxury with that laid-back, island vibe that is truly unique to the Hawai'i lifestyle. A picture of beauty set beneath the backdrop of iconic Diamond Head, this small town has a large history. In 1795, Kamehameha the Great began his campaign uniting the Hawaiian islands after landing his canoes at Kahala Beach in efforts to overtake O'ahu. That same year Native Hawaiians began settling in Kahala, starting the first known communities. This blend contains no less than 10% Premium Hawaiian coffee beans and is representative of Kahala primarily in it's richness and decadence. A truly divine coffee experience you can enjoy anywhere.

  • 7 oz/198g
  • 10% premium Hawaiian Coffee Beans
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