Pidgin Maker V1 Pidgin 101
Pidgin Maker V1 Pidgin 101
Pidgin Maker V1 Pidgin 101

Pidgin Maker V1 Pidgin 101


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Featuring the voice of Hawaii Comedian and Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner Andy Bumalai!

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BRAH - Short for brother, friend, or associate.
?OWZIT - A form of greeting someone. It means "how is everything?", can also mean "aloha".
SHOOTS - Alright, in agreement; ok or of course.
TRY WAIT - Please wait. I can't get to it at this moment.
IF CAN CAN - If I can I'll get to it.
IF NO CAN NO CAN - l tried but l can't do it.
HU?BUG - Something that is a bother, a nuisance, or hassle.
DA KINE- "The kind" is a keystone pidgin phrase. It can replace nearly any word and you can use it in many different ways. For example, "We when to da kine but l fo'got da kine in the dakine."
AURITE - Alright, yippee, often used as an expression of exclamation.
NO FO'GET - You better not forget.
HAH? - Used to express disbelief or annoyance.
BUMBAI - Later, soon enough, when I get to it.
CHEE HOO! - An expression used when someone is happy, excited, and celebratory.
CHANCE 'UM - To go for it, take a chance, make it happen.
LI'DAT - "Like that" and is a term similar to "da kine" in that it can be used to be a generalization of things. It is often used at the end of a sentence.
WHAT!? - Used to call someone out. Why are you looking at me? What's your problem?